‘We are becoming fools in our ‘wisdomic’ house’ – Captain Smart lashes the government


Captain Smart, a radio presenter, has compared Ghana’s current situation to Ghanaians “becoming fools in our wisdomic house.”

He made the statement while discussing the Ghanaian government’s and citizens’ mindsets.

“We are refusing to think so we are becoming fools in our wisdomic house. If you really want to develop, you don’t use 25 million dollars for a trophy worth 4 million dollars,” said Smart.

Smart revealed his bias towards the New Patriotic Party (NPP) during the same interview, noting that if anything goes wrong, he would not remain silent, despite his respect for the party.

“I would say it anywhere under the sun, I sympathize with the NPP, and I am NPP but because I love them. Because I love the party when I see anything wrong, I won’t keep quiet,” stated a defiant Smart. announced on Thursday, May 6, 2021, that Smart, the presenter of Angel FM’s morning program, Anopa Bofour, had been taken off the airwaves.

Kwadwo Dickson, the station’s General Manager, later denied it.

Captain Smart is said to have made some not-so-nice remarks about government officials.

Some believe his suspension is a power play designed to silence the media.


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