Tracey Boakye allegedly fires her nanny for having an affair with her husband.

Tracey Boakye, a prominent Ghanaian actress, and entrepreneur made news recently after she allegedly fired her nanny for sleeping with her husband.

The information has sparked outrage on social media, with many individuals expressing their amazement and disgust.

Tracey Boakye discovered her nanny was having an affair with her husband and swiftly fired her, according to Facebook blogger Hrh Nahna.

The news has elicited diverse emotions, with some sympathizing with Tracey and others condemning her conduct.

While it is natural that Tracey felt deceived by both her husband and her nanny, some say she overreacted by firing the nanny.

Others have pointed out that it is critical to preserve working boundaries and respect, and that the nanny may have crossed those lines by becoming connected with her employer’s spouse.

Before the secret was ultimately revealed, Hrh Nahna accused Tracey Boaky’s husband of destroying the admirable bond the actress had with her devoted nanny in a post she uploaded on her timeline six days prior.

Tracey, as we all know, is exceedingly nice to her nanny and treats her as if she were her younger sister.

She takes her on all of her family holidays, making sure she dresses in the newest clothing, accessories, and footwear.

Before her husband moved in to join them, Tracey and her nanny had a really pleasant and loving relationship.

According to Hrh Nahna, Gladys has no formal education and will suffer greatly if her madam sends her packing for her residence.

She also criticized her for not reporting Mr. Frank to her ma’am and instead allowed herself to be used by him.

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Blogger, Hrh Nahan did not spare Mr. Frank either, thrashing him with insults that may stab the heart like a sharp dagger.

She wrote;

Herh this life erh…..this one I’m so pained I can’t even understand… how did it get there? How?

You pay no bills, you’re fully catered for, your passport is filled with visas because of your job, etc

You decide to do lovilovi or sex or whatever it is with your boss husband….like wtf

This girl has forgotten she has no education, no talent so if your madam sacks you completely what will you do? Unless you go and do koliba oo

Ungrateful biitches all over.

You too this man you went to carry dier abi you know he’ll definitely ron tins but to ron it on your own home is what surprises you abi?

You dier don’t worry. We dey your back full vim unless she relocates to Burkina Faso but the trolling dier we’ll troll you small p3.

Below is a screenshot of her post:

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