Top 10 Nigerian actors who are tough cultists you did not know about


Reportedly, the majority of your favorite Nigerian actors are members of numerous underground societies and cults about which you are probably unaware.

A cult is a social group characterized by peculiar religious, spiritual, or philosophical values, or by a shared interest in a certain individual, object, or target.

Thus it is generally fair to assume that the large number of Nollywood films plagued by occultism and sacrifices are a reflection of real-life events featuring the same actors.

Mostly with support of Jomo TV, we have put together a list of top Nollywood actors that you do not know are members of such organizations.

The video clearly shows that these superstars do not kill people or make concessions to others in order to consolidate their power and prestige, as shown on the silver screens.

They are in this category because they share philosophical views or a shared interest in a single personality, object, or target, as the meaning suggests.

watch the video below;


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