“There is no power in the ring I wear, it is not occultic”- Archbishop Duncan Williams

Archbishop Duncan Williams, the founder, and leader of Action Chapel International has finally addressed rumors that he wears an occultic ring.

His fabled ring, he claims, has no mystical properties.

In a sermon, he stated that while some people do wear various rings with various powers, he is not one of them.

He remarked that he has encountered persons with occultic rings on multiple occasions; whenever he shakes one of them, his hands shake until he prays and returns it to the giver.

“Sometimes, I go into crowds – thank God for these days where you don’t have to shake people – sometimes, you shake people and, as soon as you shake them, you can feel like needles going through your palm, needles going through your hand and suddenly, it’s like one side of you is becoming weak and immediately I have to shake it off and say: ‘In the name of Jesus, fiery touch, get out; out, out in the name of Jesus’.” He said.


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