The use of newspaper to clean your anûs after visiting ‘Tóilet’ can cause anal cancer – AMA warns


The use of newspapers for cleaning the buttocks after using the restroom, according to Florence Kuukyi, head of the AMA’s Public Health Department, can be extremely risky.

“Because of the chemical used in printing these newspapers and materials, using them for anal cleaning can cause anal cancer or cancer of the anus,” she said, as quoted by the Graphic Online.

“Furthermore, these materials are highly contaminated due to their handling hence the need to desist from using them.”

She went on to say that any public restroom should have a handwashing station and clean benches.

Hygienic floors are also essential, according to her, and sanitation papers can be used instead of newspapers or other written materials.

“The floor must be a floor that can be cleaned regularly; the seats should be always clean, hand washing basin that should be free from contamination, burning of the tissue paper after use was also not acceptable,” she added.


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