“The images online are that of the Ansu Gyeabour I’m speaking of”- Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, has responded to images circulating on social media of a man named Ansu Gyeabour who is alleged to have murdered Ahmed Suale.

Kennedy Agyapong’s mentioned the name of the guy who assassinated investigative journalist Ahmed Suale a few days earlier.

The police told Kennedy Agyapong that Ahmed Suale was murdered by a man named Ansu Gyeabour.

The killer is hiding in Kumasi, according to Kennedy, and whenever the cops learn of his whereabouts, he is tipped off and flees.

However, One Ansu Gyeabour whose images have gone viral as the criminal behind the killing reacted to Kennedy Agyapong’s charges.

He claims he is incapable of murdering a human and even a housefly.

Kennedy Agyapong finally addressed the photographs circulating on social media last night on “The Seat,” saying that the Ansu Gyeabour in the images is not the one he is referring to.

According to him, he simply mentioned the person’s name and did not supply the public with a photo of the individual.

Kennedy Agyapong stated that he has completed his investigation and has provided the police with images of Ahmed Suale’s killer.


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