Slay queens arrested after sugar daddy run away leaving them with huge bills at a hotel (video)


Three Slay Queens were humiliated when a hotel manager called the cops on them after the man they came to the hotel with fled the scene, leaving them with a large bill to pay.

The Slay Queens were handcuffed and humiliated in the video, which quickly went viral, as they continued to fight over who was to blame for their ordeal.

According to what we have learned from commentaries and the video’s source, the skimpily dressed ladies came to book hotel rooms with a man who appeared rich.

After having a good time and amassing large amounts of billa, the man secretly left the hotel, leaving the ladies to deal with management.

They could not come up with the money, and they could not find out where the man who brought them to the hotel was.

Take a look at the video below to see how embarrassing it is.

According to all appearances, they would have to pay the bill with their sweet by cleaning and mobbing the hotel for a few days. Charley Slay Queen is no easy task…lol


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