Prophet Kofi Oduro list 5 types of women you should not sleep with if you want to live long.


Prophet Kofi Oduro, the founder of Alabaster International Ministries, has identified five types of women with whom men should stop having sexual relations.

Any man who wants to live a long life should avoid these women like a plaque, according to Prophet Oduro.

According to Prophet Oduro, some women’s lives take a turn for the worse after a man sleeps with them, and everything about them goes down the drain.

The five types of women about whom Pastor Oduro cautioned men are mentioned below.

A married woman is first on the chart. Sleeping with another man’s wife, according to Pastor Oduro, will bring you curses as a man.

“In Amasaman, a mason and his wife live. When he travels for work in Pobiman or Kuntunse, you end up sleeping with his wife. When he returns, the wife acts as though all is well. If you want to live a long life, stay away from married women,” he advised.

Pregnant women come in second on his ranking. Men who sleep with pregnant women, especially if the unborn child is not theirs, he claims, are only inviting curses on their lives.

Widows are the third category of women who should never be slept with. He claims that a man should not court or sex a woman who is still grieving because the woman’s husband’s spirit will haunt you.

His mother and sister make up the final two classes of women. Incest, according to Prophet Oduro, is a grave taboo that can destroy a man before his time. According to the prophet, fornication and adultery are the leading causes of death among men.

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