Police Fire Warning Shots After Angry Youth Of Amanase Block Accra-Kumasi Highway | Here’s Why

After an elderly man was crushed to death by a vehicle, the irate youth of Amanase, a hamlet near Suhum along the Accra-Kumasi highway, barricaded the road and set fire to tyres in a spontaneous protest on Thursday evening.

Amanase, a hamlet near Suhum on the Accra-Kumasi route, is experiencing uneasy tension.

Following the death of an elderly man by a speeding vehicle, some outraged youth in the town have stopped the highway in protest of reckless driving.

Angry Youth Of Amanase Block Accra-Kumasi Highway, Police Fire Warning Shots | Here's Why

At around 7:30 p.m., the man was struck by a fast vehicle while crossing the road. His body was mangled and strewn across the highway.

During the spontaneous demonstration, they set fire to tyres, causing significant traffic congestion.

According to a report on, the man was killed by a fast vehicle while crossing the road at around 7:30 p.m.

The blocking and burning of tyres on the road caused gridlock for almost an hour until armed police stormed the scene and fired warning shots to disperse the youth.

Inhabitants had previously staged similar protests following the deaths of numerous residents in the community as a result of automobiles failing to slow down as they approached the hamlet.

Since the road was built, at least 30 people have been killed, according to the youth, due to reckless driving and the lack of a footbridge to provide for safe pedestrian crossing.

According to Richard Adu, Deputy District Director of the National Disaster Management Organization, NADMO, pedestrian knockdowns in communities along the highway are frightening, and he wants the Ghana Highway Authority to address the issue.

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However, the Ghana Highway Authority previously told Starr News that the Accra-Kumasi highway is still under construction and that footbridges and other pedestrian safety features remain part of the road’s original engineering plan.


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