People think I buy cheap things but my trousers alone cost $7,000 – Twene Jonas brags in a new video


Twene Jonas, a Ghanaian living in the United States who is well-known for his sharp critiques of the regime, has debunked allegations that he dresses shabbily.

A video of the notorious critic sporting a ripped trouser went viral a few months ago, prompting trolls on social media to mock him.

Twene Jonas, who is often chastised for his fashion choices, claims in a recent video that his trousers alone cost close to $7,000, which is equal to GHC40,000, proving that he is not as cheap as many have said.

To defy his opponents, he flaunted his pricey trouser and Gucci shirt when criticizing the government in a new film.

He disclosed that he is extremely wealthy, but he has chosen not to flaunt it because it is not his primary goal.

below is his video;


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