“People mocked me in school because of my albino skin”- Kidi


With his skin type, KiDi has revealed that things were not always easy for him as a boy.

As a result, he claims he was subjected to a reasonable amount of bullying at school.

KiDi claims he went through this when he started a new school and one of his classmates, who was a bully in any sense of the word, began mocking him because of the dark spots on his face.

“I went to a new school in Class 3, and there was a bully in the class, he was quite big. I will do him nothing, and use to sit behind.”

“He literally turns around and begins making fun of my black spots. People start laughing with him because he is a bully.”

KiDi claims that things were difficult at times, but that he was able to persevere.


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