Pawpaw begs Aki to return to acting so they can release one last movie together

Veteran comic actors Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedezie, better known as Aki and Paw Paw, seem to be planning a film collaboration.
Many Nigerians were entertained by the veteran actors’ comedic relief films.

They took a break from shooting together for a bit, but they are getting ready to return to our screens as a pair.

When Osita threw the challenge at Chinedu on his Instagram profile, he first hinted at it. He penned

”@chineduikedieze How far Edu? Just over here soliloquising. I just the see Dm and old clips everywhere. Guess is time to answer the call of nature and drop something. How you see am?”

Chinedu responded with a text.

”ositalheme, this is going to be fun ooo
Can we make a movie or a series for them?

What are your thoughts, guys?
Will we make a film or a television series for you, and what should we name it?

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