New Evidence suggests Leticia was murd3red and that she didn’t k!ll herself


The death of a final-year student who was suspected of committing suicide has caused a rift among students.
Leticia Kyere Pinaman, a 17-year-old final-year student, is said to have committed suicide due to problems she was having.

According to early reports, the body of the deceased was discovered hanging on a rope in the student dining hall the next morning.

The event was disturbing, so the deceased’s relatives had the body autopsied to determine the true cause of death.

However, preliminary observations revealed that the little girl’s death was not caused by a suicide attempt, but rather by another, as there was no sign.

According to the pathologist, anyone who commits suicide will have their tongue fallen from their mouth, and the victim will either urinate or notice feces on their body, but none of these were present.

A recent finding on her wrist revealed a mark suggesting that she had been strangled.

Take a look.


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