Netizens shocked as to how makeups transformed this lady to have a pointed nose (photos)


The before and after picture of a lady’s make-up has gotten a lot of attention online, as people can not help but notice the dramatic change in the lady’s appearance.

Even though make-up artists have been seen working their magic on women’s faces before, this one stands out because there is a unique element in the make-after up’s effect that is causing people to crazy.

Normally, beauty make-up is used solely to enhance one’s appearance, and it entails the application of various colors of powders, brushes, and various beauty kits that come with the make-up box.

The work done on the nose is what got a lot of people talking about this particular make-up. The lady’s nose, which seemed to be less pointed before, became more pointed later, and one can not help but wonder how skilled the make-up artist must be.

Despite the fact that the transformation on the nose seems to be the product of surgery, it is not. The make-up artist is hard at work.

Aside from the nose, which elicited a lot of responses, a close examination of this image reveals that the make-up artist did not do a poor job at all, as the girl in the before and after photos appears to be two separate people.

Despite the fact that the girl’s natural beauty is already stunning, the make-up artist enhanced her appearance.

Take a look at reactions in the screenshots below.


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