“My sister didn’t k!ll herself, she was k!lled by someone”- Leticia’s sister cries and speaks (video)


Leticia Pinaman’s shocking and untimely death has elicited mixed reactions from Ghanaians, prompting several internet users to speculate that she was murdered by an unidentified assailant.

Currently, the immediate family of late Leticia Pinamang refuses to acknowledge that their royal killed herself, claiming that the doctors told them flat out that Leticia was killed after inspecting her body.

As the stress mounts, Letica’s elderly sister has posted a self-recorded video in which she refutes the claim that her younger sister committed suicide by hanging herself.

She has also accused school officials at Sunyani’s Miracle SHS of having a hand in Leticia’s notorious event.

In this video, she also chastised those who broke the news to the press, accusing them of attempting to smear her sister’s reputation by falsely reporting that she had hanged herself.

To learn more, watch the video below…


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