“My family disowned me for joining DateRush to find love”- Ali

Ali, one of the men who has become a phenomenon since appearing on Date Rush, has opened up about his family’s reaction to his appearance on the show.

Some members of his family grew to despise him, and some even disowned him, he claims, since they could not understand why a guy like him would seek love on national television.

None of this, according to Ali, has deterred him from being the person he wants to be.

He claims he does not give a damn what any of them think about his decision to look for love on television.

“My family have always warned me not to venture into the entertainment industry. Even when I started acting at an early age, my parents on several occasions threatened to disown me if I don’t stop. Up until now some of my family members are not happy I participated in Date Rush. They have refused to talk to me and have cut every means of communication with me.”


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