“Money earned from Acting cannot even buy a Toyota, you have to sleep around”- Efia Odo


Efia Odo has clarified (or tried to explain) that certain actresses need to sleep around in order to make ends meet.

Actresses in the country, she claims, are paid peanuts for their roles in movies, leaving them with no choice but to find other ways to make money.

According to Odo, at the current rate of pay, it will take an actor over 2,000 films to save enough money to purchase a Toyota.

According to Efia Odo, some actresses sleep around in order to afford their lavish lifestyles.

Odo, on the other hand, claimed that such behavior cannot be construed as prostitution, but rather as a means of surviving.

Recently, the country has been in disarray, and showbiz is no exception. The only difference is that, while average people struggle to survive by whatever means possible, those in show business have concluded that sleeping with wealthy men is the quickest way to the top.


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