lady narrates how she found out she was living with a man in her apartment for a year without knowing.


A Nigerian lady has revealed to the internet community how she learned a man had been staying with her in her own apartment without her knowledge.

The mysterious man apparently has a spare key to her apartment and comes in to do whatever he wants as if he owns it and leaves whenever he wants.

His timing ensures that @CiraNzube, the lady with the Twitter handle @CiraNzube, never comes across him during his antics.

When their paths eventually crossed, Cira said the man took offense and begged her not to mark him a thief because he had never stolen anything from her house.

She wrote on Twitter:

“Imagine returning to my apartment today and finding someone inside. When I caught him leaving my apartment, he categorically denied ever having been there. He eventually confesses after much persuasion and threats of arrest.

For the past year and a half, he is had the key to the apartment. He likes sleeping in my bed, so he comes in if I am not around to use it (Hey God). Since I did not understand why my gas, noodles, and other items would finish so quickly, this man drove me insane. He is not still sorry for stealing.

He just said things like, “I did not steal your money,” “I will beat you up if you call me a thief again,” “no dey video me, I am not a thief,” and so on. The bravery!!! Every day belongs to the robber, but one day belongs to the house owner, and that day is always honorable. I am grateful to God.”

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