Joe Mettle exposed for stealing a gospel song, “Meyi W’aye” – Owner finally comes out – Video


Joe Mettle, a Ghanaian gospel musician, has been accused of stealing a song from Fletcher Narh, a Ghanaian gospel musician based in the United States.

In an interview with Neat FM, Fletcher Narh accused Joe Mettle of stealing his song without permission from his team.

However, according to Fletcher Narh, his debut album, ‘Mayi W’aye,’ which was published 15 years ago, was taken without going through the proper copyright procedures by Joe Mettle in 2015, also titled “Meyi W’aye.”

“I sang Meyi W’aye about 15 years ago,” he told Neat FM on Tuesday. “I’m the only one that understands the history behind the song and how God gave the song. But you know how Ghanaians behave, people do not do the right thing.”

He went on to say that Joe Mettle approached him about sampling the album, but they could not come to an agreement before it was released.

“He called me years ago and told me he had done all the research and he loves the song and that he wanted to do [sample] it. I said ‘that’s okay. I have a lot of songs but we have to do it the right way’. He even wanted to know how much I was going to charge for it. I need to pray about it and all that but by the time I realized, he had released it,” he narrated.

He claimed that he was unable to pursue Joe Mettle because the Ghanaian system does not allow copyright owners to pursue criminals.

Despite being ecstatic to see Joe Mettle cover his album, Fletcher believes he should have been given credit.

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“I believe that the truth is the truth and nothing can outlive the truth. I was in America when people sent me videos and it was exciting but I feel that I deserved some credit,” he added.

watch the video below;


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