“I’m in love now and he makes me feel like I’m on top of the world”- Mzvee


Mzvee, a singer, is in love and has taken the time to explain how he makes her feel.

The relationship between the Sherriff singer and this mystery man is still very new, according to her, but she almost always feels on top of the world when she is with him.

Mzvee claims that there is still a vibe between them because she can be herself with him.

She also claims to have written a song for him.

“I actually wrote this song in the same room with him. So I wrote this song because he was standing right next to me. So this is a love letter from me to him, if you will. He is simply allowing me to be myself.”

When asked if the relationship will eventually lead to marriage, she said she has not discussed it with her man yet, but she is certain that it would.

For the time being, all she can claim is that she has fallen in love with an amazing guy.


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