“I will not stop doing music because I am pregnant”- Adina (video)


Adina says she would not let her pregnancy interfere with her music career.

She claims that even if she becomes pregnant, she will continue to do what she enjoys most, which is music.

The Too Late singer claims that the thought of hanging on for a while only because she is pregnant is not in her vocabulary.

She claims that being pregnant would not force her to make an excuse because she would still perform even though she had a large baby bump.

Adina claims that she has seen many women place their careers on hold because they are pregnant or married, but she will not be one of them.

In a conversation with Sister Sandy, she stated:

“I think apart from the entertainment industry, even in offices people don’t want to employ women because of maternity leave and all. For me, I want to prove that thing wrong. I don’t believe because you are a woman you have to take a full break.”


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