I still love Fella Makafui despite our differences – Efia Odo reveals

Efia Odo spoke up about her friendship with fellow actress Fella Makafui.

There is no bad blood between them, according to her. She mentioned to the BBC The faction with a grudge against her was Fella.

Andrea Owusu, aka Efia Odo, a social media influencer and actress, has stated that she has no issues with everyone, especially Fella Makafui.

Despite brawls with other celebrities such as Fella Makafui, DKB, and Sista Efia, the actress denies having grudges against anybody, claiming that her acts were solely vocal.

Speaking on BBC Pidgin, she said:

“I don’t have beef with anyone. If I don’t like what you are doing, I will say it. And that is what brings trouble because people are not used to being vocal and blunt.”

Efia has revealed that she has been attempting to repair her friendship with her coworker.

She also went out of her way to unblock Fella after they had blocked each other on social media, claiming that she adores Fella from afar.

“The thing about me is that you can only bite me once, not twice. I will love you from afar. She blocked me first, so I had to do the same.

“But I tried to unblock her. These days, the thing with Instagram is that after you block someone (it)is hard to unblock after a long period, so I have tried,” she said.

Here is how Efia Odo and Fella Makafui became enemies;

Efia Odo and Fella Makafui were actually very close friends who were seen chilling together in many locations. They were recently having a wild time at the disco, where a video of Fella Makafui twerking her massive a$$ went viral.

Efia Odo, on the other hand, claims she had a falling out with Fella when she went around gossiping about her to others. She says Fella said something negative about her to others, which she found out about, and their relationship ended as a result.

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Despite her anger at what she claims Fella Makafui has done, she remained silent. But two recent actions by Fella Makafui compelled her to come forward and reveal the young lady for who she is.

Fella, who works at a wine shop in East Legon, recently took a photo and posted it on Instagram, with the caption: “Ladies, work hard and stop begging men for Mobile Money.” Efia says that her fans and other women were insulted by the post because she is not trying hard but instead fvcking her way to the top.

Fella Makafui has been using Ebony Reigns’ image as her profile picture on her social media handles and making comments that suggest they were best friends, but according to Efia Odo, this was never the case because Fella really despised Ebony and she is only being a hypocrite, and she (Efia Odo) has to let everybody know who Fella Makafui is.

Fella, according to Efia Odo, is a cheap girl who sleeps with politicians and other wealthy men for money and other material things. She also said that Fella Makafui, the YOLO star actress, slept with Medikal, Sister Debby’s boyfriend, a Ghanaian rapper, and that she is equally fictional, including her big ass.

Fella Makafui, in her defense, said on Snapchat that Ghanaians should forget Efia Odo because, despite her age, she has the brain of a child and should not be taken seriously.

However, Sista Afia, the Jeje hitmaker, has appeared out of nowhere to defend the young actress, Fella Makafui. Efia Odo, a Ghanaian actress based in the United States, was accused by the singer of sleeping with every man she meets. Efia Odo, she says, is a robber who stole GH400 from one of her boyfriends whom she recently met.


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