I Passed My Virginity Test – 33-Year-Old, Berla Mundi reveals She is still pure


Berla Mundi, one of Ghana’s most famous TV presenters, has revealed that she is still a virgin at the age of 33.

Berla Mundi has been in Odumasi for the past few days, attempting to modernize the “dipo” cultural rituals that usher young girls into womanhood.

Berla Mundi announced on her Facebook page that she had passed the virginity test and had been offered a drink after passing it.

Berla is depicted in the post dressed in traditional garb, showing that she has reached womanhood and is ready to marry off to available suitors.

Several people ridiculed her in the comments section, claiming she was 33 and thus too old to be a virgin.

below is a screenshot;


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