“I had a surgery in my throat last year and almost lost my voice forever”- Bola Ray


Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi, better known as Bola Ray, is a Ghanaian media personality who has provided a chilling account of how he nearly lost his voice last year.

According to the EIB manager, the latter half of 2020 was a particularly trying time for him because he became sick in a variety of serious ways.

Bola Ray announced at this year’s Dusaf Praiz that he had to fly out of Ghana to France to meet with a specialist who warned him from the start that regaining his voice after surgery would be difficult.

Bola Ray expressed his optimism that, despite his fears, things would work out well for him after the surgery.

Continuing, he revealed that both the doctor and his wife did research on him and discovered that he is a radio personality, as well as seeing his accomplishments in Ghana, so he returned to promise him that after the surgery in his throat, there is a 70% chance that he will regain his voice.

And, thanks to God’s grace, he made it through the operation and returned feeling energised.


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