“I give my expensive dresses I wear once to my fans every day”- Gospel musician Gifty Osei

Gifty Adorye aka Empress Gifty formally known as Gifty Osei, a gospel musician, has responded to critics who believe her attire for public and private events is inappropriate for a gospel musician.

Some critics claim that her event dresses are too ostentatious, and that they belong to people who perform secular music.

However, in a recent interview, the ‘Jesus over do’ singer clarified that it makes her sad when people make comments about her dresses, adding that they wish they could buy the dress but can not because they do not have the money. As a result, they criticize her.

“There are people who can not afford the dress you wear, so when they see you dressed, their blood pressure rises,” she said.

If you give them the dress, they will wear it; but, since the individual does not have what you are wearing, they are criticizing it.”

Gifty continued, “At some point, I started giving those dresses out to my fans, and they gladly accepted them without complaint.”

“However, if the person had some, they might see how lovely it is, so I do give away most of the dresses I wear to my fans from time to time.”

Giving out the dresses has become commonplace for her, according to her, and after she wears it to a music awards or program, the next thing she does is dash it out.

“It is a normal thing for me to do, so if I wear a dress to some music awards or a big program, I look for people who are wearing the same size of the dress and give it away for free to those who need it.”

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When asked if she saw anything wrong with giving her dresses away, she claimed emphatically that she does not see anything wrong with it, only that the people who were complaining wanted to be dressed like her, and she had to give them that chance.

“I do it all the time, so I do not see what is wrong with my dressing; it is just that you wanted to be dressed like me,” she concluded.