“He made me angry that was why i left Adom FM”- Ohemaa woyeje points finger at who caused her resignation.


Harry Adwoa Yeboah Asuama Kusi, better known as Ohemaa Woyeje, a veteran radio host, has finally spoken out about why she quit Multimedia for Angel FM. She worked with Multimedia as the host of their mid-morning program, “work and happiness,” on Adom FM before switching to Angel FM. She worked there for more than six years before abruptly leaving Multimedia.

In an interview with Delay on GHone TV’s Delay broadcast, Ohemaa Woyeje revealed she resigned from Adom FM due to her manager’s attitude toward her. When Ohemaa became pregnant, she went on leave outside the country and returned to work on the exact day she was expected to resume work, according to her. When she arrived at work and was about to go live on air, her boss sent her a WhatsApp message telling her she shouldn’t.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I took maternity leave, and when I returned to work and was about to go on air, my boss, Mr. Abu, sent me a WhatsApp message telling me that instead of going on air, I should go do some field work. But I told him that due to my situation, I could not do that and that the only thing I could do was the job I was hired to do as a presenter. He became enraged and began speaking as though I had done something wrong. I became enraged and told him that if he wanted to do anything, he should just get right to the point because I had already received offers from other radio stations. I became really enraged, and my husband became even angrier, so I simply handed in my resignation letter.”

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Harry clarified that she has no issues with their CEO, Kwesi Twum, but that her resignation was prompted by the attitude of their program manager.

Ohemaa Woyeje is the host of the mid-morning show on Accra’s Angel FM, which is part of the Angel Broadcasting Network.


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