Ghanaians shuns Nana Addo’s address to the Nation and choose Date rush – screenshots


It is undeniable that Ghanaians would rather watch the famous reality show Date Rush than listen to President Akufo-Addo speak about the country’s battle against Coronavirus.

The figures from yesterday show that Ghanaians have grown tired of listening to the President’s speech or have lost interest in it, and have therefore dismissed him.

The figures reveal that Ghanaians favoured Date Rush on TV3 over everything else, even the President’s address, as he delivered his pre-recorded speech on Sunday, May 16 2021.

Around 2.4K viewers tuned in to watch the president, but when the Date Rush display started, about 13.1K people tuned in within minutes to watch.

This obviously demonstrates that Ghanaians are uninterested in the President’s speech and, as a result, place little value on it.

They like to watch Date Rush because it gives them some fun.

below are screenshots;


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