From homeless pregnant single mother to one of Ghana’s best actress Mercy Asiedu Inspires with her life story. (video)

Oheneyere Mercy Asiedu, a Ghanaian actress, has shared her struggle growing up with her father and stepmother, as well as her subsequent haphazard relationship with the father of her first child.

Mercy Asiedu, 50, revealed that after her birth mother divorced her father, she had a difficult adolescence.

She described the difficulties she faced as a child, including her father’s refusal to enroll her in a senior high school after she completed Form 4.

“I asked why he wanted me to learn to sew instead of continuing my education after I passed my exams, but he said it is also good if a woman learns to sew,” she said.

“I found out later that my stepmother persuaded my father not to enroll me in a senior high school.” Since then, Asiedu’s relationship with her father and stepmother has deteriorated, but she overcame her urge to continue her education by learning to sew.

Mercy Asiedu later met a man who vowed to provide for her, but he dumped her and ejected her from his home not long after she became pregnant at the age of 20.

She eventually became homeless while pregnant with her first child, moving from house to house in search of a safe haven.

Mercy Asiedu revealed that after giving birth, she took out a loan to start a company and later joined a concert party to start her acting career.

During this time, she met another man and took seed for the second time, but he too went abroad in search of greener pastures, leaving her to fend for the family on her own.

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Despite adversity, she overcame the odds as a single mother and has gone on to become one of Ghana’s most well-known movie stars.

Mercy Asiedu, who is now married to the father of her second child, spoke about how she overcame her challenges as a single mother to help other women.

Check out the video below:


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