Christians are the biggest hypocrites in the country” – Nana Aba Anamoah reveals


The church, as a religious organization, has been characterized by broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah as the country’s biggest hypocrites.

As per her argument, she does not know how the church would ignore the urgent needs of its adherents when supporting the construction of a national cathedral.

In a tweet sent the same week that the Church of Pentecost donated a newly constructed prison and recovery center to the Ghana Prisons Service, Nanna Aba Anamaoh stated that the church would prioritize the needs of its members.

She stressed that she really does not know why the church does not provide beds to hospitals to serve the poor and vulnerable among them, but that she is open to the idea of a national cathedral being built.

she tweeted;

“The biggest hypocrites are the religious organisations. Your members can’t afford basic healthcare needs. They’re dying because simple tools are unavailable for doctors/nurses to work with. Heck, they can’t even get a bed in hospitals. But you’re excited about a cathedral,” she said.

However, several people were not pleased with Nana Aba Anamoah’s post and responded in kind.

@kofiofei1 wrote: What sort of populist nonsense is this? Were you not in this country when we built 2 Stadia and renovated another two? Was our healthcare in a perfect shape when we did that? See around u and count the number of mission hospitals before u attack us. These attacks must stop.

@your_excel wrote: Is this a matter of hypocrisy???? Have they never built many of these facilities for the people and contributed many times to the wellbeing of the average person?? Can’t they build just a cathedral for their programs which is intend to also generate revenue for the government?

@MooreClic wrote: How relevant is a National Cathedral to Ghana’s being?beyond the Church’s quest to evangelize, does Ghana really need a National Cathedral? at least 334 basic schools (at least 39000 students) in one region alone (Upper East) as recent as April this year, still study under trees?

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@joeautin007 wrote: They are the biggest problems in Ghana. They never speak abt emerging issues and sensitive issues. When things get hard they keep silent cos they easily get their tithes and offerings. They are not involved in the nation building. UK and USA have their clergy in full reps 


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