Afia Schwarzenegger arrested for filming the nakedness of Prison inmates.


The ongoing feud between Afia Schwarzenegger and Safowaah continues to unravel, as Sarfowaah was arrested last night for claiming that Afia Schwarz has been infected with the deadly HIV virus.
Afia Schwarzenegger later invaded the police station, stormed the cell, and filmed Adu Safowaa along with other Nak*d inmates in custody.

This is what led to Sarfowaa’s arrest. Afia Schwarzenegger and her gang have been feuding online over Akua’s relationship with her estranged husband, Dr Kwaku Oteng, and Stacy Amoateng’s continued control of Angel Broadcasting Network.

a mouth that is razor sharp Adu Safowaa, who is on Akua Amoakowaa’s side, has vowed to continue the battle and confront Schwar and her gang head on. In tearing Schwar apart, Adu Safowaa named a businessman she dated, alleging that he and Schwar both have HIV.

Last night, the businessman was successful in having Adu Safowaa arrested, and while she was in custody, Afia Schwarzenegger was able to gain access to the police station, go to the jail, and film Adu Safowaa behind bars.

The video, which showed other inmates in the jail, including one who was naked, the video was sent to Diamond Appiah, who posted it online to humiliate Adu Safowaa.

According to the most recent information we have received, Afia Schwarzenegger has been summoned by the CID for questioning.

Abba The Great, a well-known anonymous blogger, broke the news. Though the reason for her invitation by the CID is unclear, it may be related to the arrest of Adu Safowa.

Take a look at the image below.


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