Adu Safowaa gives Afia Schwarzenegger a heavy punch on Her Eye – Check out Photo and Details


Regina Adu Safowaa has provided additional details about her incident with Afia Schwarzenegger, which occurred on Thursday, May 13, 2021, when she was held in police custody.

Adu Safowaa said in one of her numerous posts that they had an argument when Schwarzenegger came to her cell.

On Thursday, May 13, 2021, Adu Safowaa was arrested by the police and spent the night in their custody.

After filming and sharing Adu Safowaa in cells, Afia Schwarzenegger was invited by the Police CID. A footage of Adu Safowaa in police cells alongside other suspects surfaced.

Schwarzenegger could be heard taunting Safowaa in the background of the recording.

Many people assumed Schwarzenegger was the one who filmed the video and shared it on social media because of her voice in the video.

Safowaa almost got physical with Schwarzenegger in an attempt to discourage her from filming her.

Despite the fact that Safowaa was seen in the video attempting to prevent Schwarzenegger from filming her, the actress has confirmed that she never reached Schwarzenegger.

During the brief exchanges in the police cell, Safowaa claims she gave Schwarzenegger a knock in one of her eyes.

here is the video;

Safowaa later posted a picture of Schwar and advised her fans to look for the knock’s impact on her eyes in a later tweet.

Furthermore, Adu Safowaa threatened to assault Schwar.

below is her post;


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