Adom-Otchere seeks 1,250 cedis, fried rice and chicken from the NDC for the use of camera in court

Paul Adom-Otchere, host of the Successful Evening in Ghana in the Metro, is furious over the fact that an interview with Peter Mac Manu, the campaign Chairman of the outgoing New Patriotic Party (NPP), was used as a proof in court to contest National Democratic Congress (NDC(NDC) )’s results from the December 7, 2020 polls.

According to him, the NDC’s conduct is a violation of his station’s intellectual property rights and would consequently give the group a bill to compensate.

Tonight, we are especially upset that our video was performed in court […] without regard to the persons who, by diligent work, administered the interview, created the video and placed the video on television and social media for retrieval. They did not even write to us, actually, that they needed the film,’ Paul Adom-Otchere said on Tuesday, February 16, on his show.

He claimed that if the group had formally written to the station to order the video in the interests of fairness, the station would have obliged anyone who wanted it to show the video and present it.

But when our video is caught on social media or any other form and is added to the arguments of the petitioner, we do not like it and they give it to court and they invite the court to play it and they still would not know that this video is from Metro TV, we do not like it one bit,” said angry Adom-Otchere.”

We will give a bill to Sammy Gyamfi; GH 1,250 and for three consecutive programs, you are going to purchase our crew Marwako fried rice and chicken,” he stressed.”

Adom-Otchere clarified that his staff worked very hard to bring the interview together, all in the interests of fair rivalry with other media houses and also to satisfy public interest objectives, which became proof for the complainant in the ongoing Election Petition.

We do not only want people to take our footage, go to court to ask the court to reveal it, and you are not doing anything about Metro TV, so it is not your video. I do not even know why the court did not question them where you received the video from; it is not your video, it is not NDC TV, it is Metro TV and the interview was not done by the NDC TV news editor, it was conducted on Metro TV by Good Evening Ghana…

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Adom-Otchere insisted that “we are upset about that” because Metro TV was not listed as the source of the film.

…It is our business, it is not your job. You should not carry the work of others to court and present that in favor of my argument without knowing that this is the work of someone. I am absolutely stunned! It is the temple of justice, the forum of law. Intellectual property is a central component of today’s legislation that is too critical regarding intellectual property… I do not like that!

You do not value our job, and we are sad, and you would appreciate it if you recognize the work that we do here. We appreciate your work and we want our work to be valued by you; that is really significant. It is terrible, that. “The NDC lawyers are not doing it again,” he warned.


A video of Peter Mac Manu, the NPP Campaign Leader, announcing that the NDC delegates would return to the Electoral Commission Strong Room was played in court at the Supreme Court’s continuing election petition hearing.

The Good Evening Ghana clip saw Mac Manu speaking to host Paul Adom-Otchere on how Robert Joseph Mettle-Nunoo and Dr Michael Kpessa-Whyte, the NDC’s leaders, had quit the ‘strongroom’ of the Electoral Commission at a point during the selection of presidential results.

They quit… and I know the former Ghanaian Ambassador in Zimbabwe… Sylvanus Tamaklo came in pursuit of them, more specifically, he was searching for Rojo. So, he was standing there, and I told him they just got out, and I guess they are going to come in, since their computers are here.

But he was sticking about too, aaa. I saw him later. I said they were going to come to try to contact him. But I just stepped out and went inside. He was already standing, and they were not there when I entered. Yet we have been waiting for Savelugu and I believe the Bono East credential. Bono East later came for all the contestants, but there was no NDC…,” he added.”


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