70-year-old man suspected to be a ritualist arrested for stealing human hair in a barbershop – Photos


A 70-year-old man accused of being a ritualist has been arrested in Akure, Ondo State, for reportedly packaging human hair in large quantities at a barbershop, according to Vanguard News.

After he was caught in the act, the kid, Micheal Omolayo, was almost lynched by some enraged residents of Akure’s Oke-Emesho neighborhood.

As per sources, the septuagenarian extracts human hair from barber shops in the area with the help of a woman and another accomplice named Desmond.

The two accomplices collect the human hair from the stores and then deliver it to the accused ritualist.

Residents of Oke-emesho allegedly saw the woman as she was collecting human hair and alerted authorities, according to Vanguard.

She allegedly admitted and led the youths and some locals to the ritualist’s house, where they found some fetish items.

Mr. Michael Adeyeye, the Deji of Akure’s Chief Press Secretary, reported the incident and said the perpetrator would be handed over to the police.


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