3 women who married their own sons (photos + videos)

The story of a Benue mother who had s£x with her son in order to have children for her husband shocked us a few days ago.

Hers isn’t, however, the first of its kind.

Mothers who married their sons in other countries, have been circulating online.

Surprisingly, some African mothers have engaged in incest and gone even further by marrying or raising children with their sons.

One Malawian mother married her son because she had invested too much time and effort in training him and did not want ” other women to reap the benefits of her efforts.

Some mothers who married and/or were impregnated by their sons are mentioned below.

Njemani Memory

Memory Njemani was born in Malawi and married her biological son.

Ms. Njemani was 47 years old when they married, and her son was 30.

She said she married him because she had invested heavily in his education. She said that another woman could not marry her son after all of her hard work in educating him.

Ms Njemani, according to a Zambian observer, said: “I put a significant amount of money into my son’s education. Why should another woman be married to him and benefit from my investment of time and effort in him? That is not going to happen”

Njemani believes that she cannot work for anyone else to benefit from her sweat, so she must enjoy her investment by marrying her son.

Betty Mbereko

Betty Mbereko, a Zimbabwean mother who married her son and became pregnant for him, shocked the world in 2014.

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Betty, who had been widowed for 12 years at the time, married her son Farai Mbereko, who was 23 at the time.

Ms Mbereko, who was six months pregnant at the time of their wedding, said she wanted to marry her son because she did not want to marry her late husband’s younger brothers, whom she claims have been coveting her. She told the village court that she had been having an affair with her son for three years.

Mrs. Mbereko’s son/husband stated that he was more than willing to marry his mother and that he would pay his father’s unpaid bride price balance to his grandparents.

He said, ” “I am aware that my father died before completing the bride price, and I am willing to pay it. It is preferable to make the situation public so everybody should know that I am the one who caused my mother’s pregnancy.”

Take a look at the video below to see how a mother and her son interact.

The village court ordered them to end their marriage or leave his village immediately. They went with the latter choice and have since left the village for an unknown location.

Mrs. Veronica Iorshe.

Veronica Iorshe, 47, of Benue state, is reportedly pregnant with her 26-year-old son’s child after she enticed him to have s£x with her for two months in order to give her husband a son. She became pregnant eventually, but her husband refused to take responsibility and ejected her.